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Living in Altenberge

Altenberge is a good place to live and work. Numerous new housing districts have been made available and large commercial areas have opened up to the east and west of the town. Many small and mid-sized firms as well as some large productive firms have settled here.

The Market Square in Altenberge

In the early 1980s the firm of Schmitz Anhänger (cargotrailers) moved out of the town centre and its renovation began. A new residential district and a renewed town centre with a market square were completed. The redevelopment ended with the completion of a fountain in the market square in 1994.

Altenberge is a local centre in the county of Steinfurt, ca. 14 km northwest of Münster, with well-developed infrastructure and numerous cultural, educational, recreational, and cultural activities. On December 31, 2010 11,034 persons were registered here as residents.

Altenberge is easily accessed by the nearby freeway (A 1) linked to the main road B 54; Altenberge is on the train route Münster – Gronau – Enschede.

Large firms in Altenberge include Schmitz Cargobull (truck trailer platforms and insulated vehicles), Essmann (bakery), the chemical laboratory Dr. Wessling, and the down bedding factory Keller. An environmental development centre has been located here for years.

Altenberge has two primary schools and a middle school (Hauptschule). Both primary schools have several full-day classes and full-day supervision. There is integrated instruction (with handicapped children) in one of the primary schools. Full-day schooling, beginning with the 5th grade, was introduced in the Ludgeri-Middle School in the school year 2008/ 2009.

The "Bürgerhaus" (citiziens' hall) offers facilities for clubs and associations, for concerts, exhibitions, and other cultural functions. It was built in 1989 out of a historic building from 1840 in the centre of town.

Membership in the Climate Alliance

The community of Altenberge participates in the European Energy Award, an effective controlling and steering instrument for community energy policy. All the relevant energetic activities in a community are systematically recorded, checked out, and assessed on a scale. Participation in this competition assists the communities in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and their potential for improvement and then to implement energy efficient measures. The achievements in the field of energy policies are awarded  the label "European Energy Award". One of the measures following the participation in the European Energy Award scheme is Altenberge's membership in the international Climate Alliance/ Alianza del clima e.V. (

Despite all disparities, European communities and Amazon Indian organizations have united in the goal of protecting the global climate.

Concrete measures are:

  • The continuous reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the towns and avoiding the use of tropical wood in town projects.
  • The participating organisations exchange information and work together to inform the public.
  • They support indigenous people by supporting projects that preserve tropical rainforests.

Recreation and Sports

Escorted riding

Riding halls and riding grounds, athletics centre (grass soccer field, artificial grass playing field, indoor soccer field, small playing field, facilities for jumping and throwing sports, track and field facilities – including category C track with 4 x 400 m tracks – skateboard facilities), 2 tennis grounds(13 courts in total), a 3 court indoor tennis hall, a gymnasium (18 x 33 m, can be partitioned into two training areas), a double gymnasium (22 x 24 m, can be partitioned into two training areas), seven bowling lanes, racing track for greyhounds, indoor swimming pool, integrative riding trails (15 km), a "Finnenbahn" (jogging path, 1,2 km).

A wide variety of sports clubs, shooting-clubs (Schützenvereine), music and choir groups, youth groups and senior citizens groups. Clubs that preserve local traditions, cultural, creative and environmental groups, interest groups and associations.